16. November 2018
A potentially good singer doesn't need to twist and adapt musical compositions to fit within their limitations. On the contrary, such singers can give even well known musical compositions and songs new interpretations because they can mold their voice to the demands of the notations. Therefore, when you decide to take those singing lessons check out whether your teacher has the capability to nurture your talent. The last thing you want is that your vocal quality doesn't suffer due to...
12. November 2018
Have you wondered about how to sing harmony and gospel? To know how to sing these, below are some tips by Helene Goldnadel that will give information to guide you. Singing can be a difficult skill to master, but harmonizing can be more difficult. Since harmonizing involves synchronizing your voice with the other singer, you need to work hard to sound correctly. You can try these exercises, which can help you to learn harmonizing right.
09. November 2018
We cannot afford to postpone investing in our children till they become adults nor can we wait until they reach school age - a time when it may be too late to intervene. Learning is a dynamic process and is the most effective when it is began at a young age and continues till the children become adults. Now the question which most parents would ask themselves "Is preschool education important?".
03. November 2018
We are living in an amazing time, technologically speaking. If once we had to go to musical libraries or buy a vinyl album to listen to any song or classical work, the digital media of these days has offered us countless accessible possibilities of exposure. Push a button and you have an endless line of songs, classical works, different versions and information. Indeed, very often when parents of kids who play music ask me how they can expand the musical knowledge of their kids, as well as...
28. October 2018
There are many benefits of going through music lesson which are still overlooked. These days, you can also find so many music schools where they offer courses for students who wish to master different musical instruments. There are also many students getting enrolled with these courses every year. But the fact is that most of them don't even know what sort of other benefits they are receiving while going for the drum lessons. Learning these instruments can really help you appear a professional....
22. October 2018
It is undeniable that all of us love music; we just differ in the kind of music we like to play and listen frequently. Music plays a huge part in our life and life without music would seem so dull. Even when we were still inside our mother's womb up to the day we came out, we hear music play on the background or hear our beloved moms hum a lullaby. Babies easily fall asleep when they hear lullabies and most mothers believe that making their child listen to music at an early age can boost...
15. October 2018
It's not a myth that children who attend music lessons do better in school. This is based on the fact that while acquiring musical education both parts of the brain are activated, the linear and logical one, as well as that side responsible for artistic and intuitive skills. Learning music theory and rhythm is strongly related to mathematical principles, so it's no wonder that kids who study music find easier to understand mathematics.
11. October 2018
Educational games for kids are literally everywhere. They range from real-life board games to free online games. They can also be easily bought or accessed. Department stores have toy sections where you can find tons of games. While not all of them can be educational, games like scrabble and chess are not really hard to find. Popular websites like Facebook and Yahoo offer a section of games, most of which are child-friendly. Parents can also devise their own games for their kids. Solving a...
23. September 2018
Even if the child cannot speak yet, it will let their parents know that he or she loves music: the child is pointing to instruments or the tape recorder, starts to dance when music is being played, or is mesmerized by the sight of a musician playing. It is practically impossible to restrain any child from wanting to experiment with making sounds from a drum or piano!
18. September 2018
The piano bench, it is an unassuming little piece of furniture. It needs its bigger companion, the piano, to carry out its purpose for being. Sure, you can stack stuff on it or play cards on it or, in a pinch, eat lunch on it, but piano benches are carrying out their reason for being when they are being sat on and music is emanating from the piano. The companion of the bench is the sheet music cabinet. Most piano benches hold a small amount of music, but they quickly become overloaded and music...

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