Child Development Milestones and You, the Parent


A child is like a fragile kite. They soar high depending on how you pull on the kite strings. Parents are the ones holding the strings during child development. It is very important that during the early years of your child, you provide good inputs that he or she will carry on as he or she grows up. The biological and psychological changes that occur through the early years of our lives are the very foundation of our morale and disposition.


Childhood development is sometimes defined as the process which involves learning and mastering skills called developmental milestones like sitting, walking and standing.


There are five major areas of development. Learning to solve problems is the child's cognitive ability. A milestone in this area would be identifying self in the mirror. The social and emotional development of the child is his ability to relate and mingle with others, as well as self-control and self-reliance. Being able to feed oneself is a milestone for this area. It is also important to learn and use language and this is under speech and language development. Some milestones in this area are babbling and speaking simple words such as "Mom", etc. Simple movements of the muscles such holding a spoon or picking up objects is included in fine motor skill development. Another is the use of bigger and more complex muscles like in sitting and standing and this is called gross motor skill development.


The best way to develop your child holistically is to be there for them. Providing time for your children is a great way to ensure that they grow to be well-adjusted adults. Though sometimes we have to let them discover the world on their own, it is also vital that you gave way for bonding moments with your kids. This makes them feel loved and important and boosts their morale. It also gives them a chance to open up problems and worries and for parents to help them work things out.


Time spent with children is time well spent. It allows unforgettable moments with fun and learning. It also reduces behavior problems of the children in their later ages since it builds and strengthens parent-child communication. Also, this will help your child meet his or her developmental milestones because of the support that they get from you as their parents. Interact with your child and give them insights every now and then. 


Helene Goldnadel suggests you to understand the needs of your child and he or she will become an asset of the society.


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