Types Of Dance Classes To Keep Kids In Shape

Keeping kids active is an important factor in the fight against childhood obesity. If you're interested in learning more about the different types of dance lessons, from jazz, to hip hop, to ballet lessons, check out this guide by Helene Goldnadel.  


As the nationwide obesity epidemic peaks, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children in shape. Soccer, football, gymnastics and other sports are popular, but there's another option for parents and children alike. Dancing can help keep kids active, but if you're looking into dance classes for your children, you might be wondering which type of class is best for you. Here are three different options suggested by Helene Goldnadel. Each type has its own personality and style so choose carefully to determine which one is right for your child.


Ballet Classes For Kids


Ballet classes are some of the most popular types of dance classes for children. Here, children will learn proper ballet positions, terminology and classroom etiquette. Ballet classes help instill confidence in students and they teach poise, grace and discipline. Although many people think of ballet classes as something that's strictly for girls, young boys can also benefit greatly from these dance lessons. Some boys who take ballet do so to improve their coordination and many parents remember hearing about the NFL teams whose members took ballet classes to help improve their performance on the football field. Boys typically need to wear a T-shirt and tights, while girls need a leotard and tights. Girls also need to have their hair pulled back in a bun. Both boys and girls need special shoes - regular street shoes or shoes designed for other forms won't do. As students become more advanced, girls may advance to using 'pointe' shoes, but it's fairly rare for boys to wear these special shoes. 


Jazz Lessons For Kids


Jazz dance lessons are another option for parents looking to help their kids stay active. Jazz incorporates a number of different styles, such as ballet, and is influenced by popular jazz music. This type of dancing is energetic and is guaranteed to get children up and moving. The movements can be grand and exaggerated and oftentimes dancers are encouraged to add their own personality into the movements. Students usually need to wear body-hugging clothing, such as tight shorts or pants and shirts, so instructors can see the lines of the dancer's body. Special jazz shoes are required, but there are many different types, so talk to your child's instructor before purchasing a pair. 


Hip Hop Lessons For Kids


Hip hop dance lessons are some of the newest dance lessons in the industry. Children will learn some of the hottest moves to current music. Hip hop dancers are laid back and students usually need to be a little older to participate in these dance lessons because they need to be able to pay attention to the instructor and focus on the movements. Students don't need any sort of special attire and instead can wear everyday loose fitting clothing and gym shoes. 


Dancing is an excellent way for children to stay active. If you're looking for a way to keep your kids moving, but you want an alternative to traditional sports like football, basketball or soccer dancing can be fun for kids of all ages.