Preschool Education Discovers The Fun In Learning


We cannot afford to postpone investing in our children till they become adults nor can we wait until they reach school age - a time when it may be too late to intervene. Learning is a dynamic process and is the most effective when it is began at a young age and continues till the children become adults.


Now the question which most parents would ask themselves "Is preschool education important?".


It is a very confusing subject for the parents, especially when families and friends are offering different opinions. This entire dilemma will be over, once you have chosen a correct pre-primary school for your child. A nursery school which offers high quality early childhood education programs that balance their play time and also makes your child ready for formal schooling.


Firstly, education has a very important role in the society. And the earlier you offer your kids an opportunity to learn the more positive effects will it have on their future. As we all know that the early 8 years of a child's life, is the phase wherein most growth and development takes place. The child spends their first few years in realization of their own identity and abilities. Children who attend nursery schools learn how to communicate with each other and adjust to their surroundings. Kids school learning promotes high self esteem and helps the child becomes eager learner. They have a dramatic effect on the child's success.


The next vital query of a parent is "how do high quality primary education programs benefit the child's learning and development?".


To begin with a young child needs a secure and safe environment where he can spend a happy day with his warm and loving teacher. Pre-primary schools do not limit their education to closed classrooms. Earlier in schools knowledge was imparted through books in a restricted classroom. These days' pre-schools offer learning beyond classrooms. Experiences make learning more fun and effective. And these hands on lessons are never forgotten.


For example, organizing field trips to parks, grocery stores, bus depots, fire stations, police stations and many other public places depending upon the topics they are learning in school. This stimulates their curiosity, and makes their learning effective.


Pre schools systematically plan their curriculum where they use multi mode learning methods. These modes of learning used, balance all aspects of development like the social, emotional, cognitive and educational.


Art, craft, music and dance are all a part of the learning process set by the play schools. Inclusion of these activities help the kids, express themselves.


Educational aids which are used nowadays in pre-nursery schools enhance learning; using props, toys and enacting stories are a few play way methods which broaden their imagination.


Helene Goldnadel a life coach observes that teaching kids the importance of taking care of their body through exercises like yoga. help them development of their fine and gross motor skills.


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